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Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors has extensive experience providing reinsurance account management and investment advice to the automotive industry.

our clients

Our clients are automotive dealer principals who want to make the most of their reinsurance assets. We work closely with reinsurance agents, service contract administrators, account owners and affiliated reinsurance companies (ARCs) to strengthen the potential of their reinsurance assets.

our experience

Our team understands the nuances of investment policy statements and can provide a custom investment strategy that is designed to balance client goals and risk tolerance while offering a broad array of investments. Managing automotive reinsurance assets is about more than providing sage investment advice. It entails knowing the intricacies of the business to avoid pitfalls and keep pace with client needs.



Efficient Account Opening

Our specialized knowledge and experience opening hundreds of reinsurance investment accounts allow us to open accounts quickly and efficiently so our clients can begin to deposit funds and invest promptly. We keep agents, service contract administrators and ARCs informed of our progress and ongoing management throughout the process to ease collaboration.

Custom Investment Strategies and Advice

Reinsurance companies have strict Investment Policy Statements (IPS) but clients are not required to leave reserve account funds in cash or settle for high-fee, low-return investments. Our team understands the nuances of IPSs and can develop a custom investment strategy that is designed to balance client goals and risk tolerance while offering a broad array of investments.

Surplus Account Management

Dealerships leave money on the table when excess premiums aren’t carefully monitored and swept into surplus accounts free from IPS restrictions. We regularly monitor client accounts for excess premiums and develop a customized strategy for investing these funds that lines up with client investment objectives.

Ongoing Investment Reviews

We keep agents, service contract administrators and ARCs informed at every step, tracking and reporting returns on reserve and surplus accounts so everyone is always on the same page. Our approach combines convenience, including online account access, with the personal service of a team available with just a phone call.

Personal Asset Investment Management and 401(k) Plan Management

Our services go beyond reinsurance. From investing personal assets to 401(k) plans for dealerships, we have the expertise and tools to help dealership owners manage both their business and their personal financial lives—everything from retirement planning and wealth preservation to paying for college and charitable giving.


knowledge & expertise


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There’s nothing more important to a reinsurance agent than satisfied clients, and we share that goal. We do the heavy lifting—opening accounts and developing a dynamic and customized investment strategy—while keeping agents updated. Our years of experience have helped us hone our process, making opening and maintaining an account quick and easy.

Service Contract

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Automotive reinsurance is a detail-oriented business with strict investment guidelines, and we know how to mind the details. From investment policy statements (IPS) and investment guidelines, including the preference for risk aversion, we offer individualized and objective investment advice that complies with IPS guidelines. What’s more, we make the account opening process easy. Our team handles the administrative details and helps review for contract administration, so clients spend less time on paperwork and reporting.

Affiliated Reinsurance Companies

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Our specialized knowledge helps dealer principals take a successful profit center and make it even more efficient and valuable. We free dealers and managers from the burden of managing reinsurance assets—opening trust accounts, tracking reserve funds and investing assets according to guidelines. From establishing reinsurance companies and managing assets within policy guidelines to creating customized investment strategies for reserve and surplus accounts, we’re a partner in helping build wealth.