After nearly a decade in the financial services industry, Brianna Ferguson says working in financial services as a financial planner is a lot like putting a puzzle together.

“You get all these components—things that clients want to do and achieve,” Brianna said. “As a financial professional, it’s my job to make sense of them and arrange them in one digestible format. It’s a great moment when we present that plan and see the client’s eyes light up. We’re able to clarify their whole life and everything they want.”

Brianna has always had a love of numbers but didn’t initially consider a career in financial services. As a student at California Polytechnic State University, Brianna majored in business with an emphasis in accounting. During her senior project at Cal Poly, she volunteered to do tax returns for low-income filers but decided accounting wasn’t the right profession for her. Shortly after, she took an administrative assistant job at a local financial advisory firm, worked her way up to client services and has continued to ascend in the profession.  

Before joining Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors, Brianna was vice president at Central Coast Wealth Management in San Luis Obispo, where she managed the daily operations and worked directly with clients. In this role, she first started working with Meredith Collins and later recruited her to join the Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors team. Previously, Brianna was a client services representative for AmeriFlex Financial Services in Santa Barbara and later joined Wells Fargo Advisors in San Luis Obispo, where she met Lyle Meek.

Born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains, where she lived until she was 14, Brianna now lives with her husband Nick on a 160-acre ranch in Creston, CA, where they enjoy a self-sufficient lifestyle, raising Dexter cattle and growing their own food.  Brianna and Nick just had their second child in March of 2023 and are looking forward to continuing to lay their own roots in California’s Central Coast.

fun facts

  • Brianna and her husband live in and are renovating a log cabin, which was built by hand in the 1970s.
  • Brianna can crochet just about anything from a scarf up to a sweater or jacket and loves to tackle art projects of any kind.
  • After college, Brianna worked at Hearst Castle, the national and California historic landmark in San Simeon, CA, conceived by William Randolph Hearst and designed by Julia Morgan.