Jenni Chesini has well-rounded expertise in the wealth management realm.

She first met both of her co-founders in 2002 while attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. At the time, Lyle managed a nearby financial advisory office and had recently hired Dan. Unable to find a local financial firm offering internships, she sent Lyle a letter, offering to work for free and promising to be a good worker. She called him a week later, and he conceded to give her an opportunity. While interning with Lyle and Dan, she realized she could combine her love of numbers and analytics with her desire to teach and help people.

Following graduation from Cal Poly with honors in 2003, Jenni worked first in Lockheed Martin’s finance department and then shifted gears into the world of wealth management, working as both an analyst and advisor. She passed the CFP® exam in November 2004.

After years of working in the Bay Area, she met and married a farmer from her hometown in the northern Sacramento Valley and relocated to be with him and start their family. In 2017, Lyle invited her to join him in his practice in San Luis Obispo, bringing her career full circle to where it began as a college intern back in 2002. 

“I love my job,” she says. “I started managing real money in 2001, ‘playing’ with a small Ameritrade account that belonged to my parents and then managing a portfolio of endowment money as my senior project at Cal Poly. As I went through the process of earning my Certified Financial Planner™ credential, I realized that I could take and expand upon my knowledge to truly make a difference in other people’s lives.”

Jenni’s husband, Dan, works as the Director of Agriculture Operations for Cal Poly. They live in San Luis Obispo with their three sons. The 5-member family enjoys spending time together when they aren’t at work and school and can frequently be found at the beach, camping, hiking, or exploring the local area.

fun facts

  • Rode horses competitively from ages eight to 20, competing in hunter/jumpers as a child and then in high school and college rodeo.
  • Won the “Poly Royal” in breakaway roping as a freshman at Cal Poly and holds numerous English and Western riding championships. Jenni’s middle son now proudly wears many of the belt buckles she won in her youth.
  • Went sky diving twice, once in college and the second time with her husband over Pismo Beach for their first wedding anniversary.
  • Although she never lived in the dorms while attending Cal Poly, Jenni now lives with her family on a ranch owned by Cal Poly thanks to her husband Dan’s job. Jenni and Dan both grew up “in the country” and love raising their kids in a similar setting!