Although the financial services profession has changed over his more than 35-year career, Lyle Meek still rises before dawn every day, motivated by the same underlying desire—to help people.

“I really enjoy getting to know our clients, hearing their stories and learning what it is they’re trying to accomplish,” he says. “Frankly, it’s sometimes almost like being a therapist because people have so many fears around money. It’s our job to work with them to allay those fears and come up with a plan that will provide solutions for their concerns.”

Lyle started his first before-school job at age 13, developing a work ethic that lasts to this day.  After graduating from California State University, Fresno at age 22, Lyle returned to his hometown of San Luis Obispo to start his career as a financial advisor.

At the time, Lyle wasn’t entirely sure what the job would entail, but he was brave enough to accept the position. It turned out to be a great decision for him personally and for his many clients over the years.

When asked the thing he’s most proud of in his decades as an advisor, Lyle points to the number of clients who have become close personal friends.

Lyle lives in Avila Valley with his wife Chris, where they enjoy volunteering in the community and entertaining friends.

fun facts

  • As a 7th grader, Lyle rose well before the sun to ride his bike into town, clean a local hamburger stand and then ride back home to get ready for school.
  • Lyle was a go-kart racer and was awarded a regional championship.
  • He built a 13-foot fiberglass kayak in his college dorm room (he also hauled in two tons of sand so he could throw a beach party).
  • Lyle’s favorite pastimes include golfing, cooking outside, yard work, and spending time with his young adult children.