Daniel Speirs was raised in the financial world, had a successful career in high tech, then returned to his roots to become an investment advisor who can relate to his clients’ needs. Dan’s father was a successful stockbroker and taught college courses on investing. Through his father, Dan learned about the markets and the power of investments. Many of Dan’s clients remember him helping in his father’s office.

After receiving a degree in international relations with a minor in business administration from the University of San Diego, Dan began his career on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade working for Prudential Securities in grain futures and bond markets.

From there, Dan returned to California to join the fledgling tech industry in the pioneer days of Silicon Valley startups. During his time in the tech world, he earned an MBA at San Jose State University and gained real-world business experience at dynamic, cutting-edge companies that have helped him advise business owner clients.

After starting a family, Dan wanted to return to the beautiful Central Coast of California. So, when he had the opportunity to partner with his father’s financial advising practice, he jumped at it.

“Working as a financial advisor comes naturally to me,” Dan said. “Investments are something I grew up understanding, and my business background really helps me connect with clients. The most rewarding and enjoyable part of my job is helping people grow their wealth and teaching the next generation the value of investing. That’s the part I really enjoy.”

Dan grew up on a farm in Los Olivos, California raising llamas and alpacas and currently lives in San Luis Obispo with his wife Linda. Their two boys are in college. Dan enjoys traveling with his family and experiencing different cultures. He is a lifelong avid cyclist, riding thousands of miles a year.

fun facts

  • After school, Dan would hang around his father’s office to retrieve stock quotes from the Quotron machines, the first devices to deliver stock quotes to an electronic screen rather than to a printed ticker tape.
  • Dan was a three-sport varsity athlete: soccer, tennis and basketball.
  • He was in East Berlin when the wall came down and even took a sledgehammer to it!
  • Dan loves travel photography and capturing images of vibrant landscapes, exotic locales and interesting people he meets along the way.